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Kokech Rural Self-reliance Initiative Youth Group
Oyugis, Homa Bay, Kenya, AFRICA
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My Name is Raymond and I am from Oyugis, Kenya.  Due to cereal crops failure and rapid climate changes, farmers need to be trained in organic and Bio char farming, irrigation at least to make use of the lake Victoria water.

I am a Farm Technologist and Organizer looking to get support to help my community youth group farmers to become self-reliant in our food supply. I inquire what “supporting paperwork” I should be preparing so that one might know how Donation could help.

We need to train farmers through seminar so that community young farmers could have knowledge and actual experience on organic farming integrated with Bio char. Activities undertaken is to help obtain the organic farming management skills needed with actual aim to improve on our farming activities for food production, to understand ecosystems in organic farming and influence of components of one another within a farm including elements such as water retention, soil fertility management, plants and animals working together in support to each other for survival naturally.  This is to give direct respond to the need of the community for alternative environmentally, friendly farming practices and pest natural control.The training is in mandate to practical /adoptive organic farming on crops and animals, natural pests controls that are effective, selective, non-polluting and affordable to conservation and utilization to the small farmed lands with rich biodiversity.

The training is to focus on sustainable farming methods as the basis for development, environment as the foundation for socioeconomic sustainability. In overall, the training is of well-being of the small scale farmers, addressing the interlinked problems of poverty, poor health, low agricultural productivity and degradation of the soils and environment. The training is to be scientific, cutting edge on organic farming, the holistic nature of it, ecosystem analysis, socioeconomic, and agronomy and weed science. It’s also to reflect in many discipline of science technology which touches upon use of synthetic and organic fertilizers; Disadvantages and advantages of these fertilizer applications in the farms.Farmers need financial support to facilitate the training and implementation of organic Bio char, for this requires considerable investment of time, money and other resources to reach full potential adaptation.

We are an African Community that is suffering from drought. To point out, we have two fundamental aspects to detail with, “the FIX” and “the CURE”. The FIX, is the short term measures that must be implemented immediately to keep the community alive, and CURE is the long term we are to undertake by training the farmers on organic farming. Our budget is equivalent to $ 1800 to support 85 farmers’ trainees.

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