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Desert Garden Farms has been raising sheep and providing the spinning and knitting community with quality spinning supplies and handspun yarns for 10 years.  We are ready to streamline our operation and try a little something new.  As of the 2015 season, we will be a fiber CSA featuring wool grown by a registered Shetland Sheep flock, two llamas and two East Friesen sheep.  We will be offering shares of the wool crop in the form of raw fiber, washed/carded/dyed batts, or handspun yarn.

We believe in sustainable farming practices and in doing what is healthy for the livestock, the land, and ourselves.  To that end, we are working toward a rotational grazing strategy, making efforts to become offgrid through the use of solar power, and making an effort to feed hay and supplements that have been responsibly raised.  We do not use chemicals on the livestock unless to do so would save their lives.  Our personal lifestyle strives to be one of simplicity with an emphasis on good husbandry.

In order to better provide a quality product to our customers, we need to coat the sheep.  By putting coats on the sheep, we will be able to provide cleaner wool with less sun damage.  The end result is a higher quality wool with less waste which is a win win for all involved.  We also need to fence a few more grazing areas.  By grazing the sheep rotationally, we will be practicing more sustainable farming, keeping the sheep cleaner in general, will keep feed costs down, and will be able to offer the sheep more fresh food which is healthier for their growth.

We are asking for folks to step up and help us attain these simple goals to make our 2015 Season, our first CSA season, a huge success!

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