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Limberlost Farm produces free range organic goats milk and chevon, and I’d like to expand by planting a 1/4 acre of vegetables. My goats have been ranging the old pastures nearby but I’ve been asked recently to corral them. I have a 3 acre pasture of barbed wire fencing that needs to be fenced with goat fencing. It will take 3 rolls of fencing at $225 each to accomplish this. I’ve been trying to get my farm sustainable but without the fencing, I’ll need to sell all of the goats but a few (I put together a 1/8th acre of pallets for fencing).

I worked nearby at a sawmill and traded that work out for an old farm tractor and pickup that run good- but I need 2 implements, still, to use it for producing organic vegetables – a plow and an auger for digging fence holes. I can find these used for just a couple hundred dollars each.

I’ve been producing food for myself and my two sons, but I’m ready to hit the farmers market and bring this good, clean food to others. ¬†Fencing and a plow should do the trick! Almost there!

I have no reward to offer other than my thanks.


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