Community Fundraising for Every Farmer

When we conceived the idea for FarmRaisers, we imagined a crowdfunding platform just for farmers, and aspiring farmers, that could focus the considerable momentum and enthusiastic support of the sustainable agriculture movement on helping real farmers to strengthen their family-owned farm businesses.


Sustainability Isn’t Just Environmental

When we talk about sustainable farming, we must also consider how that farming operation sustains the health and financial welfare of the farming family. Both new and multi-generational farms face enormous financial challenges.

Available, safe farmland is in short supply in many places around the world. Much of the land that was once farmland has been divided into smaller and smaller parcels and integrated into residential areas, making the cost of farm ownership much higher. Even when a piece of affordable farmland becomes available, it may also require extensive rehabilitation to heal the land or make the land and buildings usable again.

Recent trends in farming, such as CSA, co-operatives, and farmer’s markets, have helped new and transitioning farmers to improve their farm businesses. However, for many farmers, it has been difficult to keep pace with the demand, or to reach an educated consumer, both of which affect a farm’s ability to grow and thrive.

Many farmers are caught between farming and a full time job (or more) in order to make ends meet for their families and farm businesses. In order for a farm to be truly sustainable, it must replenish and enliven the land, but it must also ensure the singular focus and long-term viability of the farm enterprise so that the farming family can go on providing genuinely wholesome products for generations to come.


This is Your Business

A sustainable, localized agricultural system is everyone’s business – whether or not you are in the farming business. Small, diversified family farms are integral to the health of their communities and the environment.   They produce foods, herbs, flowers, and more without the use of chemicals – and often without the use of any outside inputs. They add greatly to the beauty of their communities, and provide safe habitat for wildlife. Farmers who grow crops that are suited to their particular locale contribute to the unique flavour and character of their regions. Farms are home to healthy greenspace that helps counteract the effects of chemical assaults on our environment.


Your Support is Essential

Give today to our inaugural campaign. The funds we receive through this effort will enable us to upgrade this platform to make it available to all farmers and aspiring farmers who need to raise funds to purchase or pay off their farms, to improve their living conditions or rehabilitate their farmland, to buy equipment, livestock, or supplies, to expand their farm businesses, or to continue their education in sustainable farming practices or complimentary disciplines.

The goal is well within reach. And you can help us get there quickly. Give today, in any amount, and share our site with your friends and networks. Let your farmer friends know that we are here to help.

As an early supporter, your name will appear on our website as founding donors. We have some other fun items for you, too, if you are able to contribute more to our campaign. You will also receive updates on our progress, and information about featured FarmRaisers campaigns.


So let’s get YOUR farm raised!